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I'm Bill Witmur and Welcome to Web-Cornerstones.com.

Web-Cornerstones.com was created in order to "Shine Some Light" on your choices for internet marketing training. You have many choices available to you for training and to some extent, that's the problem. There's internet marketing training out there priced from Free to $10,000 and up. Some training is strictly from ebooks, some is audio based, some video based and some programs contain personal coaching. We're here to make sense of it all.

When I began my research into internet marketing, I, like most others, was all over the place with my training. I would hear about one method of driving traffic to a website, so then I would get some training for it. Before I was finished with that training -- it was amazing -- I would hear about another way to make money online - and off I would go in that direction for a while -- And on and on it went.

Web-Cornerstones.com has actually grown out of my NOTES on the many areas of internet marketing training that I have found worthwhile. You will find product summaries of many inexpensive products you may have heard of, but simply disregarded because the price was SO CHEAP that you thought -- "How could training from this program be worthwhile?"

I'm here to tell you, "There are a lot of Great Training Programs out there at real BARGAIN prices". And you've heard the one about the guy who loved the product so much 'He Bought The Company' -- Well, Many of the programs I like, I've gone out and acquired the rights to and we now sell them -- AT REAL BARGAIN PRICES!


The solution I came up with was to actually create two laser-focused internet-marketing membership sites organized around specialized features -- and then to offer three alternatives depending on your needs.

Our current membership sites are:
  • Web-Cornerstones.com
        -- "A Training Site" - offering a wide array of internet marketing training programs for sale at low prices. The paid membership area of this website features a member forum, bi-weekly live conference calls, and a limited amount of our own 'fill in the gap' videos to guide members in their training.
  • EZ-Online-Marketing-Training.com
        -- "A Training Membership Site" - offering a HUGE array of online training for a very low monthly cost. Many of the Video training programs available 'For Sale' through Web-Cornerstones.com are features of this website - only difference is, you don't own them. This training site also features 'Guided Lesson Plans' to highlight the training you should concentrate on based on your training objective.
  • Combo Package - Featuring both websites
        -- "Online Training, Membership Forum and Bi-Weekly Conference Calls" all wrapped up into one low cost monthly package.

Both websites have 'Product Summarizes' of most products that are featured for sale or as part of the 'Training Membership Site'. We intend to provide all the training tools and specialized content necessary to point you in the right direction and get you moving along the road to greater internet marketing success.

Be Confident In Your Knowledge!

Bill Witmur




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Web-Cornerstones.com is an affordable way for small businesses and entrepreneurs to obtain quality online marketing guidance and training.
Many resources here are available for free, but we also offer many quality training products for sale "At Real BARGAIN Prices".
Web-Cornerstones.com also offers a low cost paid membership site featuring a members forum, live bi-weekly conference calls and a limited amount of our own 'fill in the gap' videos to guide members in their training.
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How To Market Affiliate Products
One Time Offer Recipes
Building Website Traffic
PPC Advertising
Keyword Research Formula
Article Marketing Methods
Email List Building Strategies
Viral Marketing Twists
Joint Venture Principles
Running An Online Business
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